Caketastydelish is a persian nationalist which is especially pathetic given that not only is he half Irish, but he has never even been to Iran.  To make matters worse he self-identifies as a cultural Jew despite the only 'jewish' thing about him is his surname and god knows how many generations he has to go back to find any real Jew. 

He is also a misgyonist according to several posters on the site and also probably a total asshole in real life. 

He has been banned before for making sexually explicit comments on the forums even though the mods have made the PG-13 standards abundantly clear. 

He is a 'writer' but not an actual published one which makes him a loser.  Plus anyone that reads his stuff would automatically know he just copied Douglas Adams, played with his material, changed it a bit here and there, and called it his own work.

He is a troll that flames both liberals and conservatives alike just because he thinks it's funny, but again, he's an asshole.

Cake is also a Manchester United fan even though he rarely watches soccer, and the only reason for that is because he's a bandwagon fan.  Not only that, but a fairweather bandwagon fan as well, as he used to support Liverpool but gave up as soon as he realized they wouldn't win any time soon.

According to his profile he lives in Seattle but rumor has it he lives nowhere near there and says so just for his inferiority complex for any part of the country with Alice in Chains, Starbucks and since those are the three things he needs to function. He arrogantly boasted that he was absolutely sure the Seahawks would win the Superbowl, shows how much cake really knows now doesn't it?

He trolls virtually any thread he comes across that relates to Israel and uses the very cheap debate tactic of saying anyone that is pro-Palestine is also pro Iran's goverment.  Then again he also supports male circumcision.  What a wannabe jew.

He has a sexual fetish of women holding guns (the bigger the better), and that's because he's a total weirdo.

Finally:  He was accused of being a neo-nazi by several posters on the site which forced him to change his name from his former name of Oldschooler88 to his current name.  Remember, it wouldn't have been such an easy accusation for them to make if it weren't at least a little close to the truth.